Onsite Aquarium Fabrication

SeaQuatic Aquariums offers onsite aquarium fabrication, for large and or complex aquarium projects that would otherwise prove impossible to ship and install fully assembled. Individual components can be transported to the jobsite and assembled in the same manor as if done in our facility.

For onsite acrylic bonds, we take the necessary measures to ensure the same quality standards are achieved as if bonded in our factory. This includes taking the time to construct a temperature-controlled clean room to perform bonds within, and post annealing the acrylic structure.

When you choose SeaQuatic Aquariums to design and construct your aquarium, we make sure it is done in the most proficient and professional way. Our trained team of aquatic engineers and builders will perform their duties in a courteous and respectful manner on your property.

Onsite Installation

At SeaQuatic Aquariums, our project managers work closely with the builders and the aquatic engineers to effectively and efficiently complete the project. This is done because the installation of any acrylic aquarium requires expertise and skills. There are times when the type of installation and location requires problem solving skills and construction finesse.

Our team of aquatic professionals performs onsite installations globally and can ensure proficient and highly competent craftsmanship. They work with each and every phase of acrylic aquarium installation with professionalism and care. We provide simple consultations to managing the shipping, preparation, setting, and finishing of the world’s most spectacular aquarium systems.

Pre Install Evaluation

Before the installation process can commence, our aquatic engineers will examine the concrete structure for any cracks or dissimilarities on the surfaces and if there are any needs of correction, the necessary procedures will be taken. If not preformed, the immense hydrostatic pressure could cause a structural failure. They will also confirm that all design measurements and concrete mullions are accurate prior to panel delivery.

The general contractor or owner will be responsible for providing us with all entry points into the building and structural load positions for the acrylic panels. We will then work in conjunction with the nominated rigging company to formulate the best offloading and setting procedure.

Commencement of Installation Procedure

SeaQuatic Aquariums team will arrive in the designated premise and make sure that the area is properly prepared. We will then proceed to supervise the unlade procedure by the nominated rigging company and ensure proper placement of the fabricated acrylic viewing windows into the mullions.


At SeaQuatic Aquariums, we ensure all panels and glazing materials are appropriate for the application. The width, depth, and materials selection of the silicone seal is critical to its long-term performance. No matter the size or scope of the project, we will specify the proper sealing system and conditions for the acrylic panels to ensure that the aquarium glazing procedure is without any hindrance.

Water Test

 After the required silicone curing duration, SeaQuatic Aquariums is available to perform on-site water test and inspection of the new exhibit.


SeaQuatic Aquariums is committed to the long-term success of your project. This is why we offer the industry leading warranty on all viewing panels and installations.

20,000 gallon Cylinder onsite aquarium fabrication

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