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Custom Arch Aquarium

When you get a custom arch aquarium from SeaQuatic, we work to design, engineer, and construct a custom aquarium that stands alone in it’s level of quality and customization. We help you by building life support filtration and artificial reef displays that can fit into virtually any space. Let us know what you want and we at SeaQuatic will bring you a product you’ll be proud to call your own.Unlike other aquarium manufacturers, we at SeaQuatic use acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is far superior to other grades of glass because it’s clear and experiences less distortion, providing you the best view possible of your aquarium. Additionally, acrylic is much lighter than regular glass, allowing us to design you a custom arch aquarium magnitudes larger than those of other companies.Using a custom progressive 3D rendering software package, we at SeaQuatic work with your imagination, desiginging a custom arch aquarium that comes straight out of your dreams. No detail is left untouched: shape, life support, fabrication, onsite installation, and cabinetry are all carefully considered and implemented to give you a beautiful aquarium. Additionally, we match the motif of your home’s interior design to give you an aquarium as unique as your personality.When we are finally finished, you’re going to have an upscale looking home centerpiece that wouldn’t feel out of place in a palace. A custom arch aquarium brings life and color to your living room or office, inspiring awe in all those who see it. If you’re looking for something that would truly stand out to guests, you need to consider the beauty an aquatic dream of an aquarium could bring to your home.

With years of research under our belt, we’re equipped to produce complex, acrylic based aquariums that can withstand over 8,000 pounds per square inch of pressure, twice as high as most manufacturers. Additionally, our aquariums are harder and more resistant to chemicals than any other commercial acrylic aquarium you’ll find on the market. Finally, we bring peace of mind to you with the knowledge that our aquariums are not only custom, but are engineered to withstand up to six times their load capacity. You’re going to have a product that will last years, bringing your family and friends joy and inspiration. Just imagine what people will say when they come over for a party.

So why hesitate? Check SeaQuatic out today if you’re serious about having a custom arch aquarium of the highest caliber. Our products leave our customers inspired, letting them recreate the wonders of the ocean within their own home. We give customers unprecedented quality and creative control. All you need to do is give us a call or email today.


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