By SeaQuatic


Our company has manufactured acrylic aquariums as large as 8,000 gallons and concrete aquariums up to 35,000 gallons. Having worked with hundreds of private and commercial customers, we understand that every customer is unique. Our incredible designers will listen to your plans and work with you to create a one of a kind aquarium that exceeds your expectations.

Today’s customers have more choices than ever when it comes to custom aquariums. Whether you want your aquarium to be the focal point of your room or blend in seamlessly with your decor, we have options to meet your needs. We can even surround your aquarium with custom cabinetry to make it both beautiful and functional.

Safety is a primary concern at SeaQuatic Aquariums. Years of extensive research and product development have made our aquariums both beautiful and safe. Our unique bonding methods provide a strong bond that has a tensile strength of over 8,000 pounds per square inch. This means our acrylic aquariums were built to withstand at least six times their maximum load capacity.

Start Designing Your Custom Aquarium Today

Your first step is to contact a representative at SeaQuatic Aquariums to get your project initiated. Upon doing so, you’ll be connected with an experienced aquarium designer who will help turn your initial concept into a working idea.

Our team will then create a 3-dimensional drawing of your custom tank using advanced CAD software and send it to you for review. Upon receiving your approval of the design, we will create a scale model of your custom tank, which you will also review.

Once you have approved the design of the scale, we will commence construction on your new custom aquarium. During the manufacturing process, the model will continue to serve as a precise depiction of design aspects and manufacturing details for the actual building of your new Custom Aquarium.