L Shape Aquarium

Custom L Shape Aquarium

The interior design of every home is unique and individual, and SeaQuatic Aquariums is dedicated to creating aquariums that complement the space that you have designated for a “piece of the ocean.” No matter the size or shape, our designers love to build aquariums that match your dreams.

The Custom L Shape

A custom L shape aquarium is a favorite shape for those who have room specifically along two walls in an “L” shape. Our construction team will design an amazing unique form to support the water-containing aquarium filled with simulated reef displays. Our uniquely designed filtration systems will accommodate the tank of any kind. SeaQuatic has features that improve the quality of the average aquarium, and one of the most significant is that glass that is common in most aquariums is replaced with super high-quality acrylic. Acrylic shows less distortion, and offers better vision into the tank. This top-grade acrylic also appears seamless and is resistant to chemicals that could be added to the water and eventually cloud it. The total effect is a deeper experience with the aquatic world that is displayed inside.

Amazing Custom Aquariums

Custom L shape aquariums, along with all custom-made tanks at SeaQuatic, offer their customer’s peace of mind with each and every tank created, so all will be able to enjoy the beautiful underwater world in a well-built display. To clearly see the fish, wildlife and plants and not be concerned with the tank’s construction is the goal for every aquarium. The contemporary foundation is designed to compliment your space and allows everyone who views it to enjoy the movement, color and life energy that comes from it. A custom aquarium in your home or business is inspirational and creates peace in the environment.

The Company of SeaQuatic

SeaQuatic Aquariums produces custom-sized aquariums of any design. The handcrafters have spent many years in research and development, so they are able to expertly combine all components of the aquarium to create a spectacular tank. Every aquarium is built to specifications in a bonding process that supports 8,000 PSI or pounds per square inch while most commercial acrylic tanks only reach a maximum of 2,000-4,000 PSI. Even with customized shapes and sizes, our bonding process is stellar and securely adheres acrylic with virtually no seams. Our custom tanks are uniformly made to hold over six times the maximum capacity suggested. This is a special feature that we offer unconditionally because it prevents a crack from occurring in an aquarium in your home.


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