Flat Back Hexagon Aquarium

Custom Flat Back Hexagon Aquarium

A custom-made aquarium can add spectacular eye appeal to the interior design of your home or office. Properly positioned, the eye is drawn to the aquarium, which serves as the focal point of the room. Businesses can benefit from including an aquarium in their visitors room, since studies have shown that an aquarium containing live fish can actually lower blood pressure and have a calming effect.

A rectangular aquarium is a functional standard, but so many more options are available today. Aquariums can be built in custom shapes to fit into the space of a wall, or to balance the size of the aquarium with other items in the room. One-of-a-kind designs can be created, such as a custom flat back hexagonal aquarium, which can better fit with the classy modern look many businesses have today.

Quality of Manufacturing

SeaQuatic Aquariums uses the latest technology to custom build its aquariums out of acrylic, a material which is more than 17 times stronger than glass. Our innovative manufacturing process allows for acrylic to be developed into several unusual shapes which can be formed to fit into the small or large spaces in a room, or even cover the entire width of a wall. Acrylic is 30% more thermal than glass, which allows for more temperature control for exotic species of fish. In addition, acrylic reflects light 20% better than glass, resulting in a clearer viewing experience.

SeaQuatic knows that quality of manufacturing is important, and all of our acrylic aquariums are thermally formed using the latest technological advances in production. We use a proprietary bonding adhesive which is proven to be 50% stronger than that used by many of our competitors. Our custom flat back hexagonal aquarium can be produced in acrylic sizes of up to 8,000 gallons. We also produce custom cabinetry and unique hand-crafted coral reef inserts to accompany our aquariums.

Aquariums Made To Order

SeaQuatic Aquariums has over 33 other aquarium designs available, but we can also build you an aquarium according to your own specifications. Our aquarium designer will help you turn your concept into a reality, by creating a three-dimensional drawing from the latest CAD software for your review. Upon your approval, we will build you a scale model of your design. Manufacturing only begins once we have your final approval on the design. After construction, we will package for delivery, and assemble your new aquarium at your home or business location.

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