Wave Bow Aquarium

Custom Wave Bow Aquarium

Some of the best designs come from the SeaQuatic Aquariums engineers. Our custom wave bow aquarium is designed to have the simulated reef display and life support filtration your aquarium needs. At SeaQuatic, we work hard to create the custom wave bow aquarium of your dreams.

The artisans, fabricators, designers and builders behind SeaQuatic specialize in creating professional acrylic fish tanks. Acrylic is much clearer than glass, giving you a distinct advantage and more visibility. The reduced distortion allows you to display your fish or plants properly. Plus, the material is much lighter than a traditional glass fish tank, making it easier to manipulate even the largest of tanks.

We use the latest in cutting-edge technology to formulate a custom project that fits your needs perfectly. Our three-dimensional rendering software allows our designers and engineers to see all the details with clarity. We can help you design the shape, cabinetry, fabrication, and life support systems. SeaQuatic will do its best to create a beautiful, custom wave bow aquarium that flows with your room’s interior or matches the exotic theme you want.

All of our wave bow aquariums are designed to look modern and act as upscale centerpieces for your home or business. Lifeless paintings are nice, but these aquariums allow you to see vibrant color, life, and movement throughout your day. The energy in your aquatic display will attract plenty of attention and bring enjoyment to anyone who looks in.

One of the best reasons to choose SeaQuatic is our years of extensive research, which have made us one of the only aquarium manufacturers o develop exclusive acrylic-bonding procedures. Our structural integrity is unmatched and our attention to detail helps you get even more out of your aquarium.

Working with a custom wave bow design helps you get exactly what you want. SeaQuatic tanks are more resistant to chemicals and harder than other tanks, making them a more durable choice. Even with a unique shape, your customized aquarium can offer you peace of mind as it withstands more than six times its maximum load capacity.

To start designing your custom wave bow aquarium, contact SeaQuatic today. No matter how complex or large the design is, our well-equipped plant can create the aquarium of your dreams.

Get started by contacting SeaQuatic directly. Our design team can be reached at 800-928-0772 or by e-mailing us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to help you get the amazing custom wave bow aquarium of your dreams!

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