Octagon Aquarium

Custom Octagon Aquarium

If you’ve been looking for just the right aquarium for your home, office or place of business but can’t seem to find the shape, size or style you want, it may be time to consider ordering a custom aquarium.

Why Choose Custom?

Having an aquarium custom-built gives you control over the most important aspects of the design. Your unique living or business area should have unique decorations, which is why the team at SeaQuatic builds aquariums from acrylic instead of glass. This light, clear material offers a clean view of the aquarium environment with less distortion and features a carefully engineered seaming material that can stand up to 8,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), two to four times that of other commercial acrylics. What this means is that you can order any shape of aquarium you desire, including an eye-catching octagonal aquarium to place in the center of your living room or office space.

Benefits of Aquariums

No matter where you place it, your new aquarium will benefit everyone who has a chance to enjoy its energy and brightness. The gentle undulations of water and fish has a relaxing effect that’s welcome in locations such as doctor’s offices where people often feel stressed. The modern design complements upscale businesses and gives clients something unique to remember from their visit. The movement and life provided by a custom aquarium is more engaging than static paintings and offers people something interesting to do while they wait.

In your home, a custom octagonal aquarium is a much better way than TV to calm yourself or your kids down after a long day. With eight sides to view from, the whole family can get a look at all the colorful fish as they swim in and out between decorations such as rocks, coral and plants. Choose your tank accessories to complement the look of the fish and give them the best environment possible so you can enjoy their vibrancy for a long time to come.

Wherever you place your aquarium, you can rest assured that the materials used at SeaQuatic will provide a clear, attractive tank setup that retains its “like new” look over time.

Bringing Your Aquarium to Life

Bring the mental picture of your perfect octagonal aquarium design to SeaQuatic and have it turned into a reality with up-to-date three-dimensional rendering software. The ability to visualize the completed design lets you choose the perfect spot for your finished aquarium. Whether your home has an open layout that needs an attractive centerpiece or you’re looking to bring new life to the waiting room of your personal practice, SeaQuatic works with you to make your dreams of a customized octagonal aquarium a reality.


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