Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

SeaQuatic Aquariums are experts in Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), wherein we use our revolutionary patent-pending bonding methods and proprietary acrylic adhesive to create customized aquariums of virtually every shape and size for both residential and professional settings. We have experience manufacturing acrylic aquariums up to 8,000 gallons and custom concrete aquariums up to 35,000 gallons; size is only limited by our exclusive thermal forming oven.

Acrylic has many advantages over glass and fiberglass, especially when it comes to customization. Simply put, acrylic is much stronger than glass. It takes a fraction of the amount of acrylic to hold the same amount of water as an all-glass tank. Not to mention our chemical bonding and adhesive techniques give our ATM aquariums a tensile strength of 8,000 PSI, more than double that of our competitors. Acrylic tanks also have a distinct weight advantage over glass tanks, which may weigh up to 9 times more than an acrylic tank of the same volume.

The plastic-like qualities of acrylic allow our designers at SeaQuatic to form ATM fish tanks in nearly any shape and size. Since it melts at a much lower temperature than glass, acrylic can be formed and shaped in customized ways that glass cannot. For increased strength, layers of acrylic paneling can be bonded together to form a single panel up to a foot thick or more; the same cannot be said for glass.

At SeaQuatic Aquariums, we don’t just make tanks. Instead, we’re on a quest to redefine what is possible with Acrylic Tank Manufacturing alongside a lifelong mission to give each customer the best overall satisfaction with the design, purchase, and installation of every custom aquarium. We deliver a turnkey approach offering a variety tank options, customized cabinetry, and award-winning artificial coral reef displays; all done in house and delivered and installed by our professional team. Below we’ll give you a sense of the logistics behind the design and manufacturing process of our ATM tanks, but stress not. You provide us with your vision, and we’ll deliver you a custom tank and lifetime of enjoyment viewing the beauty of the ocean.

Understanding Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

Your first step is to contact a representative at SeaQuatic Aquariums to get your project initiated. Upon doing so, you’ll be connected with an experienced aquarium designer who will help turn your initial concept into a working idea.

Our team will then create a 3-dimensional drawing of your custom tank using advanced CAD software and send it to you for review. Upon receiving your approval of the design, we will create a scale model of your custom tank, which you will also review.

Once you have approved the design of the scale, we will commence construction on your new custom aquarium. During the manufacturing process, the model will continue to serve as a precise depiction of design aspects and manufacturing details for the actual building of your ATM tank.

Using state of the art manufacturing techniques, quality American-made acrylics, and our proprietary polymerizing adhesive, we pay attention to every detail of the fabrication process and ensure that each individual component of your custom aquarium is machined to exact specifications and installed with the utmost precision and care.

Our various acrylic panels are thermal formed in our state of the art walk-in oven and bonded using our six-part proprietary adhesives and patent-pending bonding methods. After the bonding is complete, the panels of your custom acrylic aquarium are polished to a mirror finished.

After polishing, a mockup of your custom project is assembled in our factory for your review, either in person or via photographs. Upon review and your approval, the finished product is disassembled and packaged for delivery to its new home.

When it arrives to your location, a team of SeaQuatic professionals will install your new custom aquarium in a timely and proficient manner with respect to your property and privacy.

If you’re interested in finding out why SeaQuatic Aquariums is the premier Acrylic Tank Manufacturer in the US, contact a representative today or fill our a request for a free quote.

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