Common Aquarium Shapes

Aquarium Shapes

One of Acrylics many advantages over glass is that it can be thermal formed into almost any conceivable shape. At SeaQuatic Aquariums, we employ a state of the art thermal forming oven that measures 25’x8’x8′. This page contains some of the more commonly requested aquarium shapes, although our manufacturing capabilities are certainly not limited to just these designs. In fact multiple aquarium shapes can be incorporated together to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Rectangle Aquariums

We have years of experience constructing Custom Rectangle Aquariums.

Cylindrical Aquariums

SeaQuatic cylinder aquariums offer 360 degrees of unobstructed vision for an extraordinary…

Half Cylinder Aquariums

Half cylinder aquariums are ideal for almost any space.

Bow Front Aquariums

Bow Front Aquariums are an excellent option for a unique look.

Pentagon Aquarium

We strive to exceed your expectations. We have extensive experience with pentagon aquariums.

Bullet Aquariums

SeaQuatic Aquariums designs, engineers, and constructs custom bullet aquariums.

Corner Bow Front Aquariums

We are experts in designing and producing high quality corner bowfront aquariums.

Wave Bow Aquarium

Typically used as a center room divider. This style is an excellent

Arch Aquariums

This style aquarium complements doorways and creates a stunning centerpiece.

Double Bullnose Aquariums

One of the most common shapes requested by elasmobranch aquarist.

Flat Back Hexagon Aquariums

We are experts in designing and producing high quality corner bowfront aquariums.

Octagon Aquarium

Looking for a Custom Octagon Aquarium, look no further.

Crescent Aquariums

This aquarium features a concave front that offers an a impressive view.

Triangle Aquariums

Custom Triangle Aquariums for both public and privet displays.

Double Bubble Aquariums

Typically used as a wall divider with each 1/2 sphere…

Wave Aquarium

A spectacular aquarium shape that brings any space to life.

L Shape Aquarium

The L shape aquarium is a great choice for corners.

Hexagon Aquariums

Hexagon aquariums for both public and privet displays.

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