Triangle Aquarium

Custom Triangle Aquarium

It can be an expensive and time consuming quest to try to find the type of aquarium that is exactly suited to your home or work environment. So why not let SeaQuatic Aquariums custom make your aquarium to precisely match whatever design you have in mind? Whether it be a custom triangle aquarium, some other shape or even a combination of shapes, anything you can imagine SeaQuatic Aquariums can make.That’s because in comparison to glass, thermal formed acrylics can be molded into virtually any form. All of the commonly recognized shapes, from triangles, rectangles and squares, cylinders, octagon and pentagon, arch, trapezoid, crecent, parabolic and many more can be custom built exactly to your specifications. In fact, if you want you can even combine shapes to create totally unique, one of a kind aquarium.The designing and engineering of custom aquariums include accommodations for all necessary life support filtration systems and whatever reef display designs you have in mind.

 A custom triangle aquarium is especially well suited to settings where you are looking for a sizable aquarium that will fit into a corner or narrow space. Triangle aquariums also are visually impressive because of their novelty. People generally assume that aquariums come in a rectangular shape, so a custom built triangle aquarium is visually surprising and delightful.SeaQuatic’s professional team of artisans, designers, fabricators and builders specialize in creating tanks both large and small in any shape you can imagine. Since acrylic is superior to glass in providing clear visibility, your fish and reef terrain will always look their best. Acrylic is also lighter than glass, making the aquarium more portable if you decide to move it. Whatever your design and decorating goals, SeaQuatic can build it. Perhaps you want a triangular tank that will match the color and decor of the room it will be located in. Maybe you want your aquarium to reflect a certain theme or particular taste. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Unlike other decorative items such as paintings and sculptures, aquariums offer animation and an endlessly changing appearance that never gets dull or goes out of style. SeaQuatic acrylic creations are designed to be able to withstand more than six times the maximum load they are capable of holding. That means there are no worries of mishaps. Start turning your dream of a custom triangle aquarium into reality by letting the SeaQuatic design team get started on your project. Call SeaQuatic now at 800-928-0772 or e-mail us at [email protected] today.


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