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Large aquariums within hotels and commercial properties are a brilliant branding tool for instilling an oceanic theme. From wondrous coral structures to fascinating fish of the underwater world, hotel aquariums not only draw attention, but lure visitors into a soothing and restful feeling while watching the peaceful world of a self-contained seascape. SeaQuatic Aquariums enjoys a vast wealth of experience in designing and constructing superlative luxury aquariums, whether they are acrylic aquariums of 8,500 gallons, or concrete aquariums up to and beyond 35,000 gallons.

In this business, you’re not dealing with a goldfish in a fish bowl. SeaQuatic is a commercial aquarium manufacturer that has crafted custom aquariums around the world in hotels, casinos, restaurants, resorts, theme parks, zoos, commercial settings, private institutions and in exclusive residential settings. With extensive aquaria knowledge, our services range from designing your wishes on unique three-dimensional software, to fabrication – whether it’s all-acrylic, concrete, or fiberglass – to constructing aquarium cabinetry, superior life-support filtration, and creating realistic artificial coral reef inserts. Our services even include acquiring exotic marine species and maintaining aquariums in the west central Florida region, with fully licensed and insured professionals.

When you wish to distinguish your hotel or property with a marine-inspired theme or a tropical feel, there’s no better way than with the help of one of a dedicated hotel aquarium designer from SeaQuatic Aquariums. From an initial design, you view a scale model of your dreams. With the model’s approval, manufacturing commences using state-of-the-art techniques derived from our relentless pursuit of developing superior products and a meticulous attention to detail.

Often, the project is large enough to require a SeaQuatic onsite hotel aquarium installer. Components are created in our factory, where they are polished to a mirror finish, and you review a mockup before the project is completed.  Then, parts of the finished project are disassembled, packaged, delivered to your location and installed by our team of pros.

With a turnkey approach, most hotel aquariums for sale by us incorporate the finishing touches from our designers and fabricators, which include artificial coral reefs that are easy to maintain and free from fading or discoloration. Since SeaQuatic Aquariums is environmentally conscious, any artificial coral reef project involves materials that are non-toxic to freshwater and saltwater aquatic life.

Our undersea artisans thrive on crafting a balance between marine elegance and maintenance practicality so that viewers of the commercial aquariums for sale through SeaQuatic notice the bright coral colors and the teams of striking tropical fish, not the equipment keeping the marine life

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