Custom Aquariums By SeaQuatic Aquariums

We rely on advance automation and superior craftsmanship to design, engineer, fabricate and install aquariums for clients worldwide.

No other company offers the level of technical expertise that SeaQuatic Aquariums does. Our innovative aquariums, proprietary adhesives, hand crafted synthetic coral reef inserts, and custom cabinetry have transformed the way custom aquariums are viewed.

We have experience manufacturing all acrylic aquariums up to 8,000 gallons and concrete aquariums up to 35,000 gallons. Our patented acrylic bonding method allows us to produce monolithic acrylic panels of virtually any size without the use of traditional seams.

Case Study

The Concept Conceptual drawings of the new rainforest building at Roger Williams Park Zoo called for a rising path that enables visitors to see rainforest creatures at all levels, from fish underwater to birds and monkeys high in the tree canopy. Seaquatic Aquariums was chosen to manufacture and install the exhibit’s acrylic windows and viewing […]