Rectangle Aquarium

Custom Rectangle Aquarium

An aquarium enables you to bring a sense of peace and calm to any room, with beautiful fish of varying shapes and sizes creating a riot of colors and interesting movements that will delight you and your guests. You may prefer freshwater species or are more interested in displaying saltwater fish along with coral displays. Either way, our team of professionally trained experts has the knowledge and experience to create the customized tank of your dreams. After all, whether you are looking for an aquarium for your home or your business, in many cases, a standard sized tank may not be suitable for your purposes. Instead, you will want to take advantage of our custom rectangle aquarium design services.

Custom Rectangular Office Aquarium

Your office, for example, may need a much longer aquarium than you can find at read-made tank shops. Or, there might be a non-standard open space in your living room that you’ve determined will be the perfect location for a new saltwater tank filled with coral, anemones, fish and other creatures.

Whatever your choice, we will sit down and talk with you to determine the best size and shape for your custom aquarium, taking into account how it will match with the room’s decor and what kind of mood you are trying to establish. We use the latest modeling software to design a 3D digital version of the aquarium of your dreams. Then, after you have signed off on the project, our team will get to work engineering the tank according to the shape, life support system, enclosing cabinet and other features according to your preferences.

Custom Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium

Our employees are focused on developing customized aquarium solutions using acrylic, a material that is quite strong yet weighs less than glass. We use bonding techniques to ensure that each customized tank created will have the highest possible tensile strength while still adhering to the principles of beauty that our customers have come to expect over the many years we’ve been in business. When we design and build a custom aquarium for you, rest assured that the material will be much more durable and cleaner than mass-produced tanks. What’s more the acrylic that we use is designed to stay clear for as long as you own it. We handle all types of aquarium projects, and no job is too small or too big for our talented team to handle. For more information about how we can take your concept and transform it into the perfect aquarium for your home or business, please feel free to contact us today.

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