Bow Front Aquarium

Custom Bow Front Aquarium

The advantage of a bow front aquarium lies primarily in the shape its name is given. Thanks to the glossy variety it can be manufactured into from a radius triangle fit, made to adjust in any corner, to a large, bow front aquariums are made to adjust in the best ways possible. This is mostly owed to the acrylic composition of its exterior that allows it to mold into a lucid material 17 times more resistant than glass and yet surprisingly lighter in weight. Acrylic can be shaped to recline on any stand for the best visibility and color. The alterations are owed to the shape, consisting of a protruding cylindrical side to contrast from the remainder of its rectangular frontage, where you can see a fraction of the ocean life in a more dynamic perspective.

Bow front aquarium designs.

Bow front aquariums can actually shine a light better than traditional aquariums by showcasing sea fauna in a clearer environment. You don’t just settle with a rectangular view, you also get a nearly three-dimensional view of fish, corals, and other sea life. With acrylic, the water can actually resemble a bluish hue that emanates the ocean’s seemingly endless backdrop both on the surface and underwater. It gives it that superficial flow you rarely see in normal aquariums, and by viewing it as such, can be stimulating in an artistic approach, especially given the acrylic quality. The acrylic space comes right at you, potentially garnering the interest of younger onlookers to feel the spatial tact behind the surface.

Completing the bow front aquarium.

Thanks to the acrylic quality, the water can actually come by in a bluish hue better than glass, rendering the aquarium to a more natural tone that represents the same water that fish populate. Although there are many other types of aquariums that work to push the envelope in a less polygonal shape such as a bubble or a bull nose, a bow front aquarium is what works best to add a simple yet effective touch to a seemingly plain surface.


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