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Acrylic Aquariums

SeaQuatic Aquariums is an industry leader in custom acrylic aquarium design and manufacturing with experience fabricating acrylic fish tanks for nearly any environment, be it home, office, hotel, or public facility.  Our proprietary adhesives allow us to create tanks of nearly any shape and size, limited only by your imagination. Whether you’re looking for an 85-gallon tank or an 8,500-gallon tank, SeaQuatic Aquariums has the expertise to turn your dream aquarium into a real-life stunning showpiece.

Leading Builder of Large Aquariums

For larger acrylic aquariums, acrylic is the go-to material for its strength, insulation, and clarity.  Acrylic is upwards of 17 times stronger than glass in addition to being more resistant to impact.  It also has about 30% more insulation capability than glass, which gives it a steadier temperature control. Acrylic transmits 22% more light than glass, prevents distortion when viewing through curvatures, and has almost the same level of refraction as water; this gives you a much clearer image of the marine life within your custom tank.

In addition to using the best acrylics made in the US, SeaQuatic has developed its own proprietary acrylic adhesive that is not only harder and stronger than most commercial-grade products, but clearer and more chemically resistant as well.  Every one of our acrylic aquariums for sale is bonded using this six-part polymerizing adhesive that yields a tensile strength of over 8,000 PSI–more than 50% stronger than some of our competitors.

Why Seaquatic Aquariums

What sets SeaQuatic apart from the competitors is our attention to detail, our use of the highest quality materials, and our desire to give you the best possible customer service available. We specialize in Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and take you through every step of the design and assembly process of your customized tank.  You’ll receive a scale model of your project before manufacturing begins in addition to the chance to review a mockup of your finished acrylic aquarium before it is delivered to your location for installation by our team of professionals. Some of our competitors charge a fortune for the smallest of tanks constructed from low-grade imported panels and adhesives.

At SeaQuatic we know that bigger is sometimes better, but there’s no bargaining when it comes to quality.  SeaQuatic uses only the highest quality cell-cast acrylic from domestic suppliers like Spartech, Cyro, and Arkema. Our staff will work within your budget and schedule to create a dazzling showcase that’s sure to impress anyone lucky enough to see it.

Whether in a hotel lobby or your living room, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that all of our acrylic fish tanks for sale can withstand more than twelve times their maximum load. Additionally, our acrylic tanks are available in a variety of finishing options, most of which are included in your quote at no additional cost. We are confident that every tank we install will prompt rave reviews from your friends, family, clients, or visitors. As such, we want the process of designing and purchasing a new acrylic aquarium to be as enjoyable and hassle-free as the finished product.

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