Crescent Aquarium

Custom Crescent Aquarium

Have you ever wished that you could enjoy the bright colors of marine life right in your own living room or bedroom? Here at SeaQuatic Aquariums, we want to make your wish come true. Many people think that aquariums only come in a few sizes and shapes, or they assume that they can only buy the aquariums available from pet stores and other shops. Those smaller bowls and cubes are potentially dangerous for the fish placed inside, and most of those designs are only suitable for short term use. We want to give you access to the best designs and the best aquariums, which is why we offer custom designs.

We offer dozens of different designs and styles, but if you want something truly unique, opt for a crescent shape. The unique Crescent Aquarium shape has a wraparound design that lets you stand in the center and view every area of the aquarium from your position. It’s a great way to make a statement and ensure that everyone who steps foot in your home sees the brilliant colors and amazing sites inside.

Here at SeaQuatic Aquariums, we believe in giving you exactly what you want and need. That is why we sit down with you and our team before we begin work on your crescent aquarium. We will go over your wish list and find a way to create an aquarium that includes everything on your list. Once we have an idea about your finished design, our team will use computer imaging to show you a 3-D representational version of your aquarium. This gives you the chance to see what the finished product looks like and if you want to make any changes.

One of the reasons why so many customers choose us is because we use acrylic in all our designs. Not only is acrylic stronger than glass, but we can bend and shape the pieces into any shape you can imagine. You might find that you prefer a crescent shape with a deeper bow in the center or that you want something longer and sleeker that fits in a corner of your living room. We’ll make sure that the finished design exceeds your expectations.

If you still aren’t sure whether we’re the right fit, you should know that our aquariums are easy to clean and maintain. We can create saltwater aquariums that will hold sharks, jellyfish and more, but we can also design and build freshwater aquariums with room for all your favorite freshwater fish. Other designers make it so hard to clean those aquariums that you might tire of your new home addition in a few months. When you choose SeaQuatic Aquariums, you’ll find that your aquarium offers everything that you want.


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