Fiberglass Aquariums

SeaQuatic has unparalleled experience manufacturing custom fiberglass fish tanks. As is the case with all aquariums designed by SeaQuatic Aquariums, our fiberglass aquariums are made using only the finest materials by designers and fabricators who scrutinize every detail of each project to ensure your finished custom fiberglass aquarium will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Other fiberglass tank manufacturers attempt to cut corners by using balsa wood to core the centers of their tanks. Unfortunately, the money they save isn’t translated to the cost of your tank, and the quality of workmanship and material will prove it. Though balsa-reinforced fiberglass has been used to make surfboards, boat decks, and the floorboards of sports cars, it lacks the stability to contain the contents of a fiberglass fish tank. Moisture causes wood to rot and swell, and in a fish tank this can lead to a complete failure of the entire system.

Advantages to Composite Fiberglass Over Balsa Wood-Cores

Here at SeaQuatic Aquariums, we use only high-grade fiberglass composites for the best overall water-retaining protection in each of our custom builds. We also employ the use high-tensile carbon fiber when necessary to add rigidity and strength to oversized projects.

Custom Fiberglass Aquarium

Acrylic viewing windows – All fiberglass fish tanks purchased from SeaQuatic Aquariums can incorporate acrylic viewing panels of virtually any shape and size into the design of the tank. We use our proprietary acrylic bonding process to seamlessly integrate our high-quality acrylic windows and panels into the walls of your custom fiberglass project.

Onsite fiberglass aquarium construction – For oversized projects that are incapable of shipping fully assembled, SeaQuatic Aquariums offers full-service onsite fiberglass aquarium construction and installation. Individual components can be fabricated at our factory then shipped to your location for assembly. We offer the same service for our custom acrylic and concrete aquariums as well.

Surface finishing options – Our standard finishing color for both interior and exterior fiberglass walls is black. Upon request we can customize your finish to any requested texture and coloration.

At SeaQuatic Aquariums, we offer a one-stop shop in both acrylic and fiberglass aquarium manufacturing. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a custom fiberglass aquarium or are interested in getting started with your new project, contact a SeaQuatic representative today.

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