Wave Aquarium

Custom Wave Aquarium

Imagine bringing the sleek, modern look of a custom aquarium to your waiting room or office. The movement of the fish, the gentle flow of the water and the vibrant colors all work together to create a unique centerpiece that sets your place of business apart from the competition. At SeaQuatic, you’ll find a variety of attractive tank options that can be customized to just about any shape.

Acrylic vs. Glass Aquariums

Using acrylic instead of glass allows for more flexibility in custom tank design. SeaQuatic has spent years researching and developing ways to put together tanks that can withstand up to 8,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), ensuring a stronger tank those available from other commercial sources. Acrylic is less prone to cracking than glass, lighter in weight and creates less distortion even when molded into shapes with bends and curves. The durability of acrylic means that any custom installation from SeaQuatic will last for years.

Wave Aquarium Design

An aquarium is far from a static decoration. There’s never a moment when something isn’t moving, be it the colorful fish you choose to populate it with, the accent plants you add or the water itself. This highly active environment draws the eye and makes visitors to your business feel both vibrant and at ease. Choosing a wave shape for your custom aquarium enhances this feeling.

Wave aquariums may curve horizontally or vertically, allowing you to choose the configuration that works best for the space you have available. Horizontal wave aquarium create the illusion of standing underwater, watching the fish as they go about their daily activities. Vertical waves accent the movement of bubbles and plants in the tank, creating an undulating effect that enhances the relaxing nature of the display.

Benefits of Custom Aquariums

Customized wave aquariums can be built in any size to complement the design of your business location. Like the aquariums you enjoy in your home but on a grander scale, the styles available from SeaQuatic bring the beauty of the underwater world to any commercial location. Making a wave aquarium the central focus of a waiting room or office gives both employees and clients a calming distraction from the stresses of daily life.

With the custom shapes and sizes available from SeaQuatic, you’re not limited to an “off the shelf” aquarium for your place of business. Using three-dimensional rendering software, the professionals at SeaQuatic can make your dream of a one-of-a-kind wave aquarium a reality. Attention is paid not only to the details of the aquarium itself, but to the display area and accessories as well. When you’re ready to make the beauty of a custom aquarium part of your business, give SeaQuatic a call.


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