Roger Williams Park Zoo

The Concept
Conceptual drawings of the new rainforest building at Roger Williams Park Zoo called for a rising path that enables visitors to see rainforest creatures at all levels, from fish underwater to birds and monkeys high in the tree canopy.

Seaquatic Aquariums was chosen to manufacture and install the exhibit’s acrylic windows and viewing panels so that as visitors make their way along the path they can easily see, among other things, the various species of colorful fish that are found in a rainforest setting.

The Solution
By using cast acrylic sheets and our Seaquatic Aquariums bonding technology we were able to create large, thick panels that provide safety along with excellent optical clarity. One of the great things about cast acrylic sheets is that scratches can be easily polished away – unlike with glass.

This project called for custom acrylic sheets that are both thick for safety reasons while also providing a clear viewing experience. Because Seaquatic Aquariums fabricates its own acrylic sheets at its state-of-the-art facility it was able to create custom sheets that meet the project’s unique specifications quickly and easily.

Visitors to Roger Williams Park Zoo are in for a treat thanks to the zoo’s new rainforest exhibit. They will enjoy unique views of rainforest wildlife that they otherwise would never have seen – and that will be thanks in part to the acrylic sheets provided and installed by Seaquatic Aquariums.

As for the project itself, the plan calls for work to be done in three phases through 2035, each worth around $25 million that, besides the rainforest exhibit and other internal improvements, call for adding areas for tigers, grizzly bears and moose by 2035.


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