300 Gallon Office Aquariums


Dimensions: 96″ x 24″ x 30″
Volume: 300 gallons
Materials: 1″ Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic

While you go to work to get down to business, there is no reason that you cannot create a pleasant atmoshpere. You’ll find that you and your fellow staff members will be more productive when there is something to look forward to every day. Turn to www.seaquaticaquariums.com to transform your work space with an living reef office aquarium. Not only will it add beauty to the every day routine, you’ll also find that such an addition to your office is extremely soothing. When pressure mounts and you’re dealing with a hectic pace, you can always focus on your aquarium to slow life down for a little while. Once you’ve had a chance to take a deep breath as you enjoy the vista of your office aquarium, you’ll be able to focus and get back to work.

Making Your Own Living Reef Office Aquarium is Easy with the Right Materials

At www.seaquaticaquariums, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with everything they need to create magic with an office aquarium. From tanks, to layering for the bottom, lighting,filters, and every thing in between, we are your go to source to ensure you can set up your tank in no time. Let us help you to choose your materials and get started.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Location

Your living reef office aquarium should not be placed in direct sunlight, near a heat vent, or next to an air conditioning unit. You are going to want to be able to control the temperature and lighting in order to have the best possible environment for your underwater life. Once you’ve selected the best placement for your office aquarium, you can discuss the size tank you will need with one of our representatives, along with all of the necessary accessories to ensure y our living reef and fish will thrive. The larger the tank the better in order to produce ideal water conditions.

Think About Glass or Acrylic

There are advantages and disadvantages to the materials used for a tank. At www.seaquaticaquariums.com, we’ll do everything possible to point you in the right direction. We’ll also advise you about filters, lighting, flow, and an the possibility of an aquarium chiller to make sure the temperature is under control.

Set the Stage

You will create your artificial sea water next. From that point, you can gradually add a variety of sea life, including hermit crabs, snails, fish, and corals. Soon you will feel like you have a little piece of the ocean sitting in your office, thanks to www.seaquaticaquariums.com.

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