2500 Gallon Aquarium


Dimensions: 144”(L) x 72”(W) x 48”(H)
Volume: 2,500 gallons / 8,316 L
Materials: Fiberglass & starphire glass

This 2500 gallon aquarium was built utilizing premium 1″ thick star fire glass. A single seamless 130″ long, 4’ wide, one-inch thick custom panel was required.

A custom 12’ x 6’ x 3’ powder coated steel stand capable of 50,000 LBS supporting was fabricated as a structural base.

Capable of turning over the entire 2500 gallon aquariums volume every 5 minutes, the advanced filtration system is located remotely in a dedicated Life Support System room.

SeaQuatic Aquariums is acclaimed for producing memorable aquariums that distinguish residential properties worldwide.

Aquariums from Seaquatic also feature an advanced aquatic life support system to help you easily maintain your large aquarium. We do our best to give your aquarium an environment that is as natural as possible. By mimicking a natural aquatic habitat, we ensure you have healthy, lively fish. When completing your life support system, we take many factors into consideration. For your center’s aesthetics, we will consider how to effectively hide these components of the aquarium so that your design will still shine through.

Obtain any custom 2500 gallon tank for sale from SeaQuatic and you receive a turnkey designed aquarium, no matter how complex, large or exceptional your ideas represent. Through our well-equipped plant, we can turn your dream into a reality with color and durability to last for years of amazing attractive viewing pleasure.

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