10000 gallon cylinder aquarium

This 10000 gallon cylinder aquarium measures 168″(DIA) x 108″(H). Built utilizing premium 3″ thick acrylic and reinforced fiberglass plastic. Two seamless thermoformed 270″ (arc) x 168″(L) x 90″(H) x 3″(T) custom panel are required . A custom 14′ DIA x 12″(H) powder coated steel stand is used as a structural base. Capable of turning over the entire 10500 gallon cylinder aquariums volume every 7 minutes, the advanced filtration system is located remotely in a dedicated life support system room. A center reef structure measuring 30″(DIA) x 108″(H) is used to conceal the internal plumbing fixtures.

Obtain any custom 10000 gallon cylinder fish tank for sale from SeaQuatic and you will receive a turnkey designed package, no matter how complex, large or exceptional your ideas represent. Through our well-equipped plant, we can turn your dream into a reality with color and durability to last for years of amazing attractive viewing pleasure.

Whether you need a Custom 500-Gallon Aquarium or a massive 50,000-Gallon Residential Aquarium, SeaQuatic specializes in all varieties of custom home aquariums. All of our aquariums are back by an industry leading warranty.


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