14000 Gallon Aquarium

14000 gallon aquarium

Dimensions: 180”(L) x 172”(W) x 108”(H)
Volume: 14,000 Gallons / 52,920 L
Materials: Fiberglass & Cell Cast Acrylic
This spectacular 14000 gallon aquarium is located in a privet residence. Constructed from 4” acrylic and fiberglass the aquarium has a 3 sided bonded viewing panel that measures 180″(L) x 170″(W) x 80″(H). A unique custom colored light blue background and triple back corner overflow boxes are some of the design options available for custom home aquariums.
This custom 14000 gallon aquarium was constructed using fiberglass reinforced plastic and acrylic.
Capable of turning over the entire 14000 gallon aquariums volume every 5 minutes, the advanced filtration system is located remotely in a dedicated Life Support System room.

Custom aquariums can be designed especially for exhibits of personal use in a private home. Any type of aquarium imaginable can be designed with the various style options available. Homeowners can choose from saltwater, freshwater, reef and planted aquariums. Standalone or attached, a custom aquarium can be crafted to practically any set of specifications to suit one’s design aspirations. Various dimensions and sizes can be selected. Floor-to-ceiling tanks spanning an entire wall or a portion of it is an option. Aquariums built directly within the flooring make for an interesting conversation piece for visitors. Experimental shapes and designs permit a person to be able to take risks in their design approach as they transform their space.
How are people using a custom aquarium design in their private home?
Some people use them as dividers, creating partitions in a living space for improved functionality. Others are using these unique styles within walls, creating something like a vivid, active portrait. As a perfect addition to a designated entertainment area in a home, the person can be using this as a means to add personality and enhance the mood of the hub where family and friends congregate. In office spaces, individuals are using the live aquarium to add personality and a sense of warmth to a reception area. There are endless possibilities available to the property owner.
Most custom home aquarium specialists provide installation and maintenance support in addition to their design solutions. If you are considering a remodel or are looking into moving into a new home, consider getting a consultation from a design specialist to learn of the options available to you.

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