What to Look for When Selecting an Acrylic Sheet Provider

Your selection of an acrylic provider will go a long way in determining the ultimate success or failure of your project. While selecting a good provider can lead to you receiving a fast, high quality solution, selecting the wrong provider can cause a wide variety of headaches including cost overruns, time delays, frequent repairs and […]

How Acrylic Has Transformed the Way We View Underwater Life

It is very fortunate for the thousands of visitors to aquariums each year that acrylic exists. With good structural properties and an industrial capability to design, fabricate, and install large windows of diverse shapes, acrylic has completely changed the way we view underwater sea life. Thanks to acrylic sheets and their versatility and strength, when […]

Polishing Acrylic – It’s Easy to Get Rid of Even Deep Scratches

Removing scratches and maintaining optical clarity of acrylic is not difficult to do all. Here’s what the Handbook of Acrylics has to say on the matter. Scratches, gouges, and marks on acrylic surfaces can be removed by hand or machine sanding. Wet or dry sandpaper should be used, with a coarse enough grit to remove […]

Acrylic vs Glass – It’s Really No Comparison When it Comes to Optical Qualities!

Wondering how acrylic and glass compare when it comes to their optical qualities? According to the handbook of acrylics, there really is no comparison at all. Here’s what that treasured resource has to say about the subject: Acrylic is far superior to glass in regards to optical quality. Unlike glass, acrylic is colorless at any […]

Discover Why Annealing is the Best Way to Eliminate Internal Acrylic Stresses & Produce Greater Dimensional Stability & Resistance to Crazing

Processes commonly used to fabricate acrylic sheets, such as thermoforming, cementing, machining, line bending, buffing, flame polishing and screen printing, can cause stress to the acrylic. Annealing the acrylic allows fabricators to strengthen the acrylic sheet and reduce or eliminate the fabrication stress through a process of controlled heating and then cooling. An annealing oven […]

Rebate Design & Installation Essential for Avoiding Unwanted Aquarium Leaks

In this article, we are going to turn our attention to rebate design. A rebate is the frame that holds an acrylic window in position and it is very important that these are installed correctly to avoid leaks and damage to the window itself. The truth is many leakage issues are a result of poor […]

Rebate Sealing Systems – How to Keep the Inside Wet & the Outside Dry

In this article we are going to talk about sealing acrylic panels to the rebate, or frame, that holds them in position. This is an important part of the process of building an aquarium and we are going to use insight provided by the Handbook of Acrylics to identify best practices.  First off, the handbook […]

Rebate Repair – How to Stop Rebate Related Leaks

When it comes to acrylic sheet related leaks, whether in an aquarium, pool, submersible or other setting, there are three main causes and two of them are related to rebate. Before we get to the rebate related leaks and their repair, we should mention that the other main type of leak is silicone failure. Here’s […]